Friday, January 30, 2009

ART: Tom Sokolowski (Director of the Andy Warhol Museum)

So i had the privilege of listening to Tom Sokolowski talk  about Andy Warhol last night at Emily Carr. He was very engaging, and through his energy I could feel his appreciation of the complex mind that was Mr. Warhol. Mr. Sokolowski discussed Andy as a 'man of camouflage'  and went into detail describing his perspectives on people, his work, and his discourse through art.  It was truly amazing to be so close to the genius mind of Andy and listen to all these details about his work that we didn't know. 

Tom discussed Andy's screen-tests and talked about why he did them. The fact that each individual was shot for 2 minutes and 40 seconds on 16 mm film; however, Andy slowed the speed down so it actually spanned 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Tom discussed Andy's fascination with looking at something for a length of time so that everything starts to separate and you really go far beyond the initial meaning.  It was amazing to look at his works of Marilyn Manroe commenting on the deterioration of Norma Jean Baker after becoming a supernova in Hollywood and what ultimately led to her suicide. When one first looks at the image we see a pop art version of Marilyn; however, as you look long enough you begin to realize the coloring outside the lines, and the 'drag queen-esque' fabrication of the image. This is exactly what Norma Jean Baker allowed Hollywood to do to her, fabricate her, and cover her with glam.

A memorable moment included Mr. Sokolowski commenting on the infamous IT girl Edie Sedgewick , "[Edie] had an incandescent look - but was dumb as a stone". 

First part of his Lecture: 

Second Part of his Lecture: 

The posted link is a downloadable version of his lecture. There is one that spans 4 mins and the other that is 56 minutes. ( The break in between was watching the screen-shots of Edie Sedgewick and others)

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