Monday, February 9, 2009

ART: Jamie Bizness

 Jamie Bizness

1. Tell me a bit about yourself ( Where are you from, where did you study, how did you get into art) 

im 25 years old, im from edmonton alberta originally, but moved to ontario when i was one, moved to calgary at 6 where i stayed with my aunt ellen Macleod who is an amazing painter, and my main inspiration for creating art, she taught me water color, my grandma taught me calligraphy and i loved watching her doodle on notepads, and i started to do what she did. and i basically never stopped drawing, always shyed away from institutionalized art , never got high grades in art class but continued to do art on my own time, grade twelve had a decent teacher, sold my first painting, started to sell more paintings all over calgary all through private sales, had several side projects which were fashion based. and started to travel to vancouver to sell art and clothes, and decided that i loved vancouver and i moved here 5 years ago, where i have further persued my art in form and in marketing. i try to diversify as much as possible, but the bulk of my work is illustration and mixed medium (acrylic, ink, wood cut, spraypaint, paper etc) on canvas and wood
my goals are for the future to expand my self as an artist continueously and apply my art to business . 
other than art i skateboard , and think about art and skateboarding , and all of lifes little questions. smoke mass amounts of chronic, and pretend to dj. 

2. Did you always know that you wanted to be an artist? why? 

im 100 percent artfag hehe, all day errrry day , in the ayyyyyy.

3. What is your dream when it comes to your passion? 

my dream is to always be stepping it up and learning , and doing what i love to do. work with other artists, make books, make bank, make movies, travel, and it all recycles back into the art. and to llive love life 

4.who is your role model (idol) in your career path? 

my role models are  my aunt (ellen macleod) my grandma (marge macleod) they both were always inspiring me, AW (andy warhol) 

7.  How do you feel about underground art vs. art with a capital 'A'? 

I believe that art is a very broad term, personally i identify with painting and illustrating the most , and im kind of  jaded i guess to alot of other forms or lets just say im very picky, as for high art or low brow if you wanna try to put names to them i think that this concept is silly, i think its eliteist and very stifleing to the advancment of art and just the general mentality of people in general. Then again i suppose if you were to ask me which stereo type i like better and appreciate more , then the later would be my choice, gotta keep it hood. but my thing is that i want that hood to be so dope that everyone wants to be a part of it  like a community, and anyone that wants to be a part of it can come by , and if you're rolling through with ill will and scuff my " jordans"  then "ima have to fuck you up quick two time" i guess it has to to with where i grew up i suppose and what i think is dope and i like some art thats considered to be high art and i strive to be at that level, but only aestheticly and the same goes for underground artists as well theres lots of artists painting with what lots would call the same style. i love that art just as much as a  dali if not more sometimes. so the two worlds in my mind blend seemlessly and i hope that one day it does for everyone and not just in the art world

8.  What are your views on underground art in Vancouver, do you think it's a sleeping giant ? 

Underground art in vancouver , never heard of it, its allll on the up and up and up.  people were just to busy stuck in grade nine latching on to the cool kid and now people are starting to grow up and have there own style and i think just like in music art has niches and i think vancouver is gonna cap on a big part of those soon cause there is  alot of talent here , we just need to get together and make a bigger bang to look at, if that makes any sense hehe.

9.  Tell us about the style of your art-

my art is very introspective in execution . its like meditating, so its very dreamy and surreal. i love colors and pushing color combos that you wouldnt normally see with forced design, its more natural like if you're at a party and everyone has different clothes and colors on but its still a really stylee fun party. its kinda like that. lots of symbology and inferred messages about my philosophies , and ideas, so its constantly changeing cause i like to inform myself and constantly learn so i think it shines through in my work.
theres definately a heavy poster art feeling in the sense that its really quite pop'ie . which i do to catch the eye and look good in passing but i spend quite a bit of time on detailing so that is people decide to stop and look they are gonna be able to se something else everytime they look at a piece.
i should add that i dont exactly stick to one style but i do try to tie it all in somehow, for instance i might paint something in classical style over and abstract background. 
i like to keep it fresh, which i think is not traditional for most artist . where the idea is to be identifiable , I'd like to be identified as unidentifiable. MAMAISM is how i would call my style, it is a precursor to dada, more self actualized and primative , i think that the dadaists  missed the the true nature when they stopped at dad they forgot about mom. heheh. soo i just wanna basically try to helppeople rethink, start instead of stop, and question everything. especially themselves. to push limits and boundries.  in a shell of course

10.  How do you feel about Vancouver as a venue for arts and culture? 

vancouver is a beautiful city and a perfect stage if we could only figure out how to open them mutherfucking curtains sorry mom)
11. tell us something funny..anything:  

how do you catch a bear?  

you dig a hole in the ground, fill the hole with ashes, surround the hole with peas.
now when the bear goes to take a pea, kick him in the ash hole.

12. advice to any other aspiring artists?  

everyday allllllllllllllllll day , neverstop working, obsesss, experiment, never let anyone tell you no you cant cause you can, quantum physics, acid, mushrooms, weed. practice practice practice. if you dont know , you bettah akssss somebody.   

Favorite Place to Eat:  smile cafe on pender, breakfast special, or myhouse grilled cheese

Favorite Place to Hang out: vic square, plaza, redgate, your house, the beach, 

Favorite Place to Shop:  who shops when you use to work at aa  wink wink

Favorite City:  van city

What you like about Vancouver: everything and nothing at the same time. it just is like buddah

check out Jamie's Show this week:

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